Welcome to the Minaputa Dojo

We are a small martial arts dojo where the focus is on traditional Hyou-ha Bankoku Jujutsu.

The atmosphere in the dojo is relaxed with a minimum of ceremony, the focus of our training is always on self-defence.

We are a Shibu dojo of the Kokusai Jujutsu Kenkyukai (International Jujutsu Research Society) under the leadership of Master Raymond LEA Saiko Shihan a senior disciple of the late Professor Kam Hock HOE.

Our Budo includes, but is not limited to:
_Hyou-ha Bankoku Jujutsu
_Hyou-ha Bankoku Kuatsu
_Hyo-ha Bankoku Hakuda Kenpo
_Hyou-ha Bankoku Buki Heihou

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